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any advice to learn turkish ? merhaba  .. hi everyone .. i m trying to learn turkish but i don t know from where to start ;
Sep 17, 2016 2:56 PM
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Hi Asma, (In Turkish Esma, we have the same name in Turkish) I recommend you to start with 8.483 Arabic words in  Turkish like learning your name and go on. I think it is much more easy to learn Turkish for an Arabic than any other.  
September 28, 2016
Where I live, Sweden, they right now broadcast the TV series "Paramparça" ("Broken pieces" is the English title, "Förväxlingen" is its Swedish title).  Among other actors is Nurgül Yesilçay in the lead role. It is very popular, and there are 100 episodes. If you follow it, I'm sure you will improve your Turkish. (Up here, it is broadcast with Swedish subtitles of course).
September 21, 2016

Start with the basics. First the alphabet. Here is good link for that :
September 20, 2016
thank's Nour so much , :) 
September 17, 2016

hi ,

you can try or to get the basics , after, you have to listen to a turkish radio, a tv channel . write some phrases , and try to do conversation with natives

and don't worry (I  didn't learn turkish, but the persons who learn it tell me that) : it's an easy language to learn ( it hasn't much rules in conjugation)

                                                  .... wish you a best learning

September 17, 2016
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