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For those who speak more than one native language...

Like myself, if you speak more than one native language, which language do you usually think in? 

I know it sounds weird but even though I speak English on a daily basis, I always find myself thinking in my Northern Punjabi dialect (a variant of the Standard Punjabi which I also speak) - if I don't do this I struggle with my English and end up being lost for words! I was exposed to both languages at the same time as a kid so maybe it's just my brain's way of choosing one over the other - I don't know lol

So I was thinking, is this normal or do I need help? haha

How about you guys? I would love to know your thoughts and have some input!

Sep 17, 2016 5:21 PM
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I spent my childhood in the States, but my family is Japanese! (So Japanese and English)

So, for things around the house or about my family, I think in Japanese, but for academic things or when I want to look things up on the internet or when I read books, I use English.

Sometimes, Japanese doesn't have an equivalent for an English word, and vice versa. So, I use whichever language fits my mood.

But I'm studying Spanish right now so I'm really making an effort to think in Spanish! haha

September 17, 2016
Well German is my only native language, English is my second language and I prefer to speak German more than English so my thoughts are usually in German even if I'm speaking in English. I don't know if you're like me and speak more of your native language than you do English but I don't think it's unusual to think in your native tongue, but maybe it's easier for you to think about things and express yourself in your native tongue than in English so maybe that's why you think in Punjabi...I know that's why my thoughts are in German and not English, so maybe you have same situation.
September 17, 2016
Arabic is my only native language and also I studied in Arabic but now I live in Lebanon and here they study in French. there is something I noticed a lot of people here use French to describe things then they translate it into Arabic but I do not know if they thought in French at first or they doing that for another reason.
September 17, 2016
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