I think I hate English! or may be myself!

I have been learning it for about 8-10 years!  But I am still afraid of writing a letters... speaking...

//What to do?

Help me...

18 set 2016 08:37
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Maybe it is to blame the way you learn English.. Don't consider it's a burden.. Instead it's a hobby, and enjoy some English songs and teleplays 
18 settembre 2016
Hello, Mariya! I liked the second part("or maybe myself") more. The problem is you don't hate yourself enough to collect yourself and try it again and again and again. Try to hate yourself a little bit more. It works. I tried it.
18 settembre 2016
I have felt the same recently..But I'm recovering now) I'm not afraid to make silly mistakes anymore. I don't care! or I don't mind( Brit.) Itaki helped a lot, plus, my own methods. Let's practice Skype chat!
1 ottobre 2016
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