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Rain. Snow. Hot. Warm. Cold. What weather do you prefer? :-)
18 wrz 2016 08:38
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The changing weather. The beginning of Winter/Autumn/Summer/Spring :)

I really like smelling new perfumes of nature and wearing another type of clothes again ^^

18 września 2016
18 września 2016
I suppose it would be cold because, in my country, we hardly to experience  that kind of climate. In Malaysia,mostly the climates here can be sum up as dry and hot through out the whole season. May be, there are once or twice that 
18 września 2016
Well I must say thanks to Almighty Allah who provided me all four types of seasons in my country. Extreme summer and winter are difficult to face but I like most is cloudy with drizzling which we are enjoying now a days.
1 lipca 2017

I can't resist quoting Flanders and Swann's "A Song of the Weather."

January brings the snow,

Makes your feet and fingers glow.

February's ice and sleet,

Freeze the toes right off your feet.

Welcome, March, with wint'ry wind,

Would thou wer't not so unkind.

April brings the sweet spring showers,

On and on for hours and hours.

Farmers fear unkindly May,

Frost by night and hail by day.

June just rains and never stops,

Thirty days and spoils the crops.


In July the sun is hot,

Is it shining?

No it's not!

August, cold and dank and wet,

Brings more rain than any yet.

Bleak September's mist and mud,

Is enough to chill the blood.

Then October adds a gale,

Wind and slush and rain and hail.

Dark November brings the fog,

Should not do it to a dog.

Freezing wet December, then...

B***** January again!

30 czerwca 2017
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