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for those who want to learn arabic language

pour ceux qui sont en train d'étudier la langue arabe 

I can help you .. 
arabic is not so hard if you try to learn it , I think it is important to learn the history of that language too 
arabic didn't change so much , there is many rules protct that languge  from strange word (word came from other languges) with those rules we can know word arab origin from other 
so at first time like any other language  you have to learn lettre and how to write it ,   than study how to write sentences in the same time try to learn new word 
conversation can help 
it is better to talk with arabs fosha , because the common language is not the same in arabs countries 
som animation movie and song can help , with subtitles , in arab fosha of course 

try here

Sep 18, 2016 4:10 PM
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in arabic words there s what we call root ; wich is the origin of every word . it is generaly composed of three lettres .. like 
    صنع , صانع , مصنع , صناعة ... 
the root of those words is :  (ص  ن ع  ) 
October 2, 2016
there are many books and websites , i will give it to you one by one 
September 18, 2016
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