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Coolio was detained at airport for having loaded gun

Coolie was detained at LAX on Saturday for having loaded gun. But there's a dispute as to whom the weapon belongs.
The rapper was joined at LAX by a number of associates. As they went through security, TSA detected the gun in one of the bags. The entire group was stopped by police, and video shows a handcuffed Coolio being escorted out of the airport and into a waiting cop car.

According to TMZ, one person with Coolio claimed responsibility from the bringing the bag with gun, but witnesses told officials that it was the performer's luggage. The star rep's meanwhile, tells the outlet that the weapon belongs to Coolio security guard. Cops will review security footage to try to go to bottom of situation.

At this point, Coolio is not formally arrested, and his reps says he is cooperating with police. Gossip cop has reached out for more information. This, however, isn't the musician first run-in with the law.

Coolio(Real Name: Artis Leon Lvey Jr.) was arrested for alleged domestic violence in 2013, and both he and his son ended up in the same las vegas jail for separate offenses in 2012. His son was later sentenced to prison for robbery as a part of plea deal.

UPDATE: Coolie was released from police custody later Saturday, and filmed a video for fans to letting them know he is alright. It is unclear if he will be charged with a crime.
Word Meaning:
Detained: To officially stop someone from leaving a place.
Dispute: A serious argument or disagreement.
Whom: The object form of 'WHO'
Belong: if something belong to someone, they own it.
Associates: Colleagues
Run-in: an argument or disagreement with someone in offcial position.
LAX: Los Angeles International airport.
Rapport: friendly agreement or understanding between people.
TSA: Transport security administration
Escort: to take someone to somewhere, in order to protecting or guarding him.
Bringing: to take something with you to the place you are now.
Responsibility: something your job or duty.
Luggage: the bags, suitcase etc
Alleged: claim to be true, even though this has not proved.
Arrested: formally take into custody by officials and not allowed to leave.
Violence: violent behavior.
Separate: not together or different
Offenses: a crime or illegal activity for which there is a punishment
Ended up: to be in particular place or state after doing something or because of doing it.

Sep 18, 2016 5:53 PM
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