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Reading is the most effective, because it works same way as speaking! You say every word you read

Do you agree with that? I greatly improved my English after i started reading novels, Think about it: when you read, you say every word in your mind!

You pronounce it in your head, and this imprints, burns words in your long term memory.

The most common words simply stick in your memory - because you encounter them very often in the text!

What do you think? I believe TV shows are great to learn dialogues, but when it comes to expanding vocabulary, there is no better alternative.

Sep 19, 2016 5:11 AM
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I adree

I have started with the books for kids

It's my level))))

September 19, 2016
Reading widely, especially non-fiction and news really helps expand your vocabulary. 
September 19, 2016

Reading is only good for increasing vocabulary.   The only problem is that you may learn too much.  Depending on the year your book was written, you may learn some old-fashion words and expressions that no one currently uses.  So essentially, you may learn things that you don't need to learn or don't match your own speaking pattern.
Tv and movies, audio files, radio are essential for being able to understand what people will say to you. Having conversations with partners and teacher is the only way you'll be able to speak confidently. Reading will help you understand sentence structure, syntax, writing styles, as well as increase your vocab and understanding.

September 19, 2016
i have been greatly improved my english  ability  since i  was   reading noverls in three months ago 
September 19, 2016
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