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What is the purpose of Our life (Skype Discussion)

Topic: What is the purpose of our life

If you want to join this discussion, then message me or leave a comment. Your point must be logical, and language is English. 

Discussion time: one hour. 

Date: 20-22 Sept 2016

Join and share your views also learn others. Knowledge has no boundary, discussion is a great way to get knowledge. 

Sep 19, 2016 10:32 PM
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First of all, I guess to talk about "purpose of life" does not make any sense to me because I am convinced that all human beings are controlled by a higher - ranking creature somewhere in the spirit to manipulate your notion. That means there is no genuine "your purpose" in the real world and what you are thinking is what the invisible spiritual being is manipulating.  As a person, you have very scanty vision to dictate yourself unless the higher-ranking creature gives you the possibility to reach for. 

You might present a very huge big and fancy vision to us, but can you project what you would become in the next minute? no idea , probably you would get a stroke and lose thinking in a second or you would have to stay in a bed for many years since that stroke. Accordingly, even that is an interesting discussion in terms of  practicing English, I do not think the substance of the meeting deserves me to set my next goal. But of course, it is helpful for English learners any way. 

September 20, 2016
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