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Is it necessary to have a English name ?

English as an international language , used from all over the world  and  Increasing number of non native English people try to have a English name . The reasons are various. 

As far as i am concerned ,  if you stay  in your nation , there is no necessity to have a English name and let other people to call it . Just use your real name is pretty good !

However, when you  choose to continue your study or live  in English-speaking Countries , Do you think it is better to have a English name ? 

Sep 20, 2016 7:33 AM
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I think it's better to use your given name, unless people have trouble pronouncing it, then use a nickname. 
September 20, 2016

I agree with Russ that is better to use your given name, even though it depends on your personal preferences.

In Spanish, the name "George" is "Jorge", but we don't translate the name when travelling or meeting new people: if you come to Spain from England and you are called George, you will be called George, and the same happens to a Spanish person called Jorge when he is out of the country. However, I know some people that changes their name depending on the language they are speaking or the region (for example, a girl named "Alicia" uses "Alice" when talking to English-speaking people).

A person's name forms part of their identity so it should be their choice to change it or not. In my case, my name is written the same way in both English and Spanish (Patricia), but the pronunciation is different. I personally prefer to use the Spanish pronunciation because it is more comfortable to me, but I have no problem if other people pronounce it the other way.

As I said before, it all depends on you.

P.S: I had no idea about the English-name issue for Taiwan and Chinese people. It is very interesting.

September 20, 2016

No, you don't need an English name. It's usually only Chinese and Taiwanese people who get English names. Most non-native English speakers don't get English names, and no English speaker will expect anyone to have an English name.

You might want to read this discussion: https://www.italki.com/discussion/122673

If you scroll down, I wrote why I think getting an English name is so common among Chinese-speaking communities. What are your thoughts on this?

I also came across this a little while ago:


September 20, 2016
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