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غانمين does this word mean enriched in Arabic?

و في ختام تصريحه عبر الشيخ عن سعادته بوصول جميع حجاج دولة الكويت  سلامين غانمين

I could not translate this word in the paragraph. So I thought it might come from rich i.e.  غني

وفي ختام تصريحه عبر الأذينة عن سعادته بوصول جميع حجاج دولة الكويت إلى أرض الوطن سلامين غانمين وهم بأتم صحة وعافية ومأجورين إن شاء الله تعالى. 

20. Sept 2016 10:00
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I would say that najmo nailed it, and the right translation to this term here is indeed:

Safe and Sound. So the translation could be:

"And at the end of his statement, the Sheikh expressed his happiness that all Kuwaiti

pilgrims returned home safe and sound, while they are perfectly healthy and God willing

rewarded by Allah almighty".

Jonasbp, I hope this helps.

20. September 2016
It means that they gain something or "return with booty". It doesn't refer to money or wealth specifically.
In that case, it refers to "performance of the Hajj"
20. September 2016

The right sentence is :

سالمين غانمين

It means : Safe and sound .

20. September 2016
gain benefit in this case, the reward for Hajj
20. September 2016
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