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Phi Thu Phuong
I'm going to have an English speaking contest and I need a native partner to practice with me please!!! As you see in the title, I am preparing for an English speaking contest held in the next month. This contest is certainly important to me and my school will choose just 1 person to participate in provincial round. So I have to find out an English partner to practice speaking with me to help me obtain an active speaking skills. I hope that anyone see this discussion will help me. Thank you very much!!! XD 
2016年9月20日 11:06
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Hi there. I would be happy to help you. Have a look at my teaching profile and let me know. Hope to hear from you soon so that we can start practicing. :)
@Scott Thanks for your comment. But I do not have money to hire a tutor on Italki =(
@Damaris Are you an English speaker???
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