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Adverbs: уже, ещё, тоже

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to better understand the adverbs уже, ещё, и тоже? I studied these recently in a textbook and I still do not completely understand the context of when a person would use уже or ещё as well as ещё or тоже. The table in the textbook was (frankly) not very helpful and I need assistance to understand how these adverbs operate. 


Sep 20, 2016 7:08 PM
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Уже does mean something like "already" or "yet". This process has finished! 

Example: у тебя уже есть квартира? - да уже есть ! (Do you have a apartment?  - yes I have one already) 

Еще does mean something like "still" or "yet" . This process has not started yet! 

Example: у тебя есть квартира?  - нет ещё нет. ( do you have an apartment ? -no, not yet)  

Тоже does mean "as well", "also" ,"too"

September 20, 2016


We use this word when we have same identical action that it relatives of something. It likes also, too.

Пример: Я тоже куплю эту книгу.

Example: I'll also buy this book. I'll buy this book too.


It means that something in addition like as well

September 20, 2016


This word has same meaning like English words already, yet, now.

Пример: Он уже написал письмо. Он его уже отправил? Уже поздно (Сейчас поздно).

Example: He has already written the letter. Нas he sent it yet? It is late now.



We use this word when an action is not finished like still, yet.

Пример: Она ещё спит. Она ещё не проснулась.

Example: She is still sleeping. She hasn't yet waked up.

Or in the other way we use when we have a quantity in a great degree like more.

Пример: Вы хотите ещё чая? Я сделаю ещё.

Example: Would you like some more tea? I'll make more.

September 20, 2016
I guess what confuses you, are those cases, where "ещё" means something like "furthermore". It is basically used for things, you haven't mentioned before. Like you can say "У меня есть корова и свинья" (I have a cow and a pig), "Корова на ферме, и свинья тоже там" (The cow is on the farm, and the pig is also there), and "Корова на ферме, свинья тоже там, и ещё там есть собака" (The cow is on the farm, the pig is also there, and furthermore there is a dog).
September 21, 2016
@Gustav - Yes, exactly. In English, "also" and "too" are used interchangeably. "Furthermore" is a very similar word as well. "I have cows and I also have a bull." "I have cows and a bull, too." "I have cows on my farm, and furthermore, I have sheep."  Спасибо за помощь!
September 21, 2016
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