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enrolling in university in UK, USA, Germany or Malaysia I want to study university abroad in a good country either UK,USA, Germany, Canada , Malaysia or any other country that' good for international students so can every one share their knowledge about university experience and help me which country should i complete my studies in?? also i want to get a scholarship in the university so what are the qualifications should i have to gain a scholarship and to be accepted?? everybody please share your learning life experience and help the poor little girl here. :)
Sep 20, 2016 9:17 PM
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More about the US

- There are still some women’s only universities (often liberal arts colleges) which may be an option for you

- the US visa costs a couple hundred dollars. Scholarships may not cover those costs.


- universities are cheap compared to the US/UK

- I agree with Rafael: even if classes are in English, you should speak basic German to get around

- Housing is always separate from the university; unlike in the UK/US, we don’t have campus universities where you can automatically rent a room

- German universities tend to be less involved in their students’ lives: classes are very large, professors hardly speak to their students, you’re expected to organize everything yourself, and there are no career counselors like in the US (which I personally found to be very helpful).

Check out the DAAD for information on studying in Germany. They have an office in Egypt, too.

Other option: have you considered applying at the American university in Cairo and doing just a semester abroad?

September 21, 2016

I applied at universities in the UK and studied in the US for my Master's degree.

General information:

- UK universities may be cheaper than US universities, but not necessarily.

- UK/US universities may require different English tests, so choose your potential universities before taking a test (they’re not cheap).

Regarding the UK:

- The British Council's website ( is a good source for information on studying in the UK

Regarding the US:

- US universities almost always offer a scholarship, but it may not cover 100% of the tuition fees; don't forget that you need to pay for housing, books etc. as well. You may be able to negotiate with them.

- Consider the size of a university: I myself studied at a small private grad school and felt very comfortable there, not least because they didn't have a huge campus or fraternities, which, more often than not, cause negative headlines and make me, as a woman, feel uncomfortable.

September 21, 2016

-To win a scholarship to finish your graduate studies at an American university, you'll basically need to score high in both of these tests: TOEFL and GRE. Although TOEFL is not a big challenge, GRE is nearly impossible to pass.

-U.K. universities expect a very impressive academic record, a minimum of 7 in all of the IELTS sections, and a two years job experience.

-Germany, as far as I know, is less rigorous. However, they demand you have a very good command of German language. 

In the following website, you'll find available international scholarships in every country:

September 21, 2016

Hi Ragad,

Despite the quality and  prestigious of the University, take into account the local culture as well.

There is a huge difference between living in Germany and in the US / UK. Think about it too. In case your German language skill is not so "high", it may take some time (1/2 years) in order to bring it at least to the basic level. You should have basic knowledge of the language even when the course in Germany is held in English.

September 21, 2016
learner SC ,it attracts me because its one of the Asian countries that has a high developed education, and i think it hosts a lot of international students yearly.
September 21, 2016
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