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How is your country's weather and main seasons?
Sep 21, 2016 4:15 AM
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Sweden has four seasons. This fall has been unusually warm and dry to the point farm wells are going dry in many places. We've had summer temperatures far into September one month longer than how it used to be. In summer, temperatures might surge up to around 34C, but usually temperatures are more moderate around 20-25C during summer. In winter temperatures nowadays have a tendency to hover around freezing point, it is warmer than it was 20 years ago. Some years we may have a cold streak and temperatures might drop to -20C (colder than in the freezer) or evrn below that. Needless to say, people have well isolated houses with double or triple glazing. In the past there was always snow, but nowadays we're starting to see winters without much snow. All of this is in South Sweden, the north has a colder climate. The distance between South Sweden and northern Lapland is about the same as that from South Sweden to Rome in Italy, or so I've read.
September 22, 2016
Hi from Mexico. In the city where I live during spring trees get green, flowers grow up and birds sing, after that comes the summer: it's very hot and rainy, the streets are fllooded (not very much but I don't like to get my shoes wet). Autumn isn't very colorful, there aren't red trees (it must be fault of the tree species), the trees just lose their leaves. Finally the winter doesn't bring snow, it's just cold. Mexico has a lot of different regions: in some coasts during the winter the weather can be warm and people can go to the beaches.
September 21, 2016
There usually are two seasons in El Salvador: summer and winter. El Salvador is in winter now but, it looks like if it is in summer because we have had high temperatures, that is normal in a tropical country but seasons and weather have been changing every year in a worrying way. 
September 21, 2016
Peter Summer is rainy ? cool
September 21, 2016
Iran is one of the only countries in the world which has the complete four seasons.In summer, the weather can be cool as well as warm, and in the cold winters, it can be mild.A large part of the country suffers great extremes of heat and cold between summer and winter and rainfall is mainly confined to winter and spring. Summers are warm to hot with virtually continuous sunshine, with high humidity on the southern coasts. Very high temperatures can be experienced along the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea with a danger of heat exhaustion. Winter weather is very changeable with some mild, wet spells but also some very cold periods with frost and snow. A small area along the Caspian coast has a very different climate, here rainfall is heaviest from late summer to mid winter but falls throughout the year.
September 21, 2016
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