What is the better way to learn english?

I want to learn english, i do practive every day from 1 years, but it isn't enough!

Is there someone who has some advices to learn english?


(I don't know if my sentence is correct ) 

Sep 21, 2016 6:02 PM
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 Correction: I want to learn English I have practiced every day for 1 year, but it isn't enough! Is there anyone with advice on how to advance my English?

To be honest I learned how to speak English more from tv, movies, books, video games, and music than I did learning English in school, what I would do is if you are listening to an English song try to sing along with it or if you can't sing at least repeat the words or try your best to repeat them, if you have to reply the song a few times until you get it. I recommend starting with a song like In My Life by The Beatles that's only about 3 minutes long, start with songs that are only 2-3 minutes long and repeat the lyrics of those as the song goes on before you go into songs that are like 5-6 + minutes long. Do the same with tv and movies and if you have to re-watch them to get the lines down and repeat what the characters say word for word. With books try reading aloud and actually try to speak the words as you read the book, eventually take the subtiles off of movies and tv and try to follow along without subtitles. English can be a difficult language, but try these steps and eventually you'll get it. It just takes time.

September 21, 2016

Correction: I want to learn English. I have practiced English every day for a year but it isn't enough! Does anyone have any advice for excelerating my advancement in English?

Thank you.

Practice every day, talk as much as possible and watch t.v. shows (Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother are awesome.) Also, try to connect with the language. Find topics that fully interest you and learn about the culture. Many people try to learn everything about a language and they get so focused on learning the language that they forget that language is only a tool. When you get passionate  about your language then you will learn more and faster.  For instance, Italy has tons of architecture, amazing food, opera and the most gorgeous language in the world. I find that my learning is more meaningful if I focus on a few intreaging parts of the culture and immerse myself in the culture while I'm learning the language. For my Portuguese, I focus on the food and the beaches and for my spanish, I frequent mexican markets and read Univision news as well as read about south american politics. French didn't stick because I couldn't practice it and I never became passionate enough to maintain my studies. 

Good luck. 


September 21, 2016

like me . i want to learn English

and I think Anki app can be useful to remember you in words that you have learned .

September 21, 2016
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