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안녕하세요 여러분!

제 이름은 쥬얼이에요. 저는 19살이고 2학년 대학생이에요. 제 전공은 회계학이에요. 한국어를 공부한지 몇년 됐는데 잘 못해요 ㅠㅠ 그래서 한국어/영어 교환을 하고 싶어요..

Who I am looking for: I prefer females around my age. You must have Skype or GoogleHangouts, be okay with using video, and be available in the mornings. Because of school and work, I am only free to meet in the mornings (Korean time). Someone who is at an intermediate (conversational) level would probably make the best match for me.

What I am looking for: I would like to meet once or twice a week every week to talk. I would like to meet for 1-2 hrs and do a 50/50 exchange (half English and half Korean). For English, we can do whatever you want. We can free talk, study grammar and vocabulary, correct a journal of yours together, etc. For Korean, I would like help with making sentences (both in writing and speaking), using words naturally, improving my vocabulary, using a better variety of grammar structures, and improving my listening. My listening is really bad :) Therefore, you should feel comfortable "teaching" Korean, as well as practicing speaking with me. I also want to talk about culture in Korean.

More about me: I like watching movies and working out. I also like eating :) Of course, studying foreign languages and learning about different cultures is also a passion of mine.리고 고양이 2 마리가 있어요. 귀여워요~~

If you are patient, helpful, and funny, please send me a message. We will talk more through messages and then if it works out we can use Skype :) I am looking for ONE regular partner, so there's a lot of competition haha No pressure

Sep 22, 2016 2:53 AM
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What do you mean "around my age”? Like whats the youngest?
March 20, 2018
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