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Italian Newspapers in the UK - Birmingham / Nottingham


Does anyone know how to get hold of Italian newspapers in Birmingham or Nottingham? I know you can read them online, but I would like a physical newspaper so I can take it to coffee shops and parks.

I would probably only want 1 every few weeks as im still a beginner so its not worth me having a subscription.

Ideally id just like a shop to pop into a buy a paper when I need one.



Sep 22, 2016 9:21 AM
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Hi; international press is usually sold in airports. Besides, I suppose there are a lot of bookshops in that area: you might be lucky and find something in Italian; moreover, I personally find many books in foreign languages in libraries (as people put their own ones as shareable). I hope it helps.
September 22, 2016


Si, Grazie!

I will check Birmingham library!


September 22, 2016
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