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The best city to live in Australia for international students?

Hello! Dear Australian fellows and folks who live in Australia!

I'm planning to go study abroad in Australia next year and I'm gonna have to choose the city to live in

between Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney...and possibly Perth.

Which city is the best city to live in, in your opinions?

Tell me about your life in the city!

If you have a time, please describe pros and cons and the reasons why you think it is the best city for international students.

First of all, I love taking photos.

I love taking photos of landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, and people etc, etc.

I would like to know if there are any photogenic spots, architectures, the best beaches for sunsets and sunrises

only locals know. If you know some secret spots that the foreigners would never know, I'd be happy if you tell me about them.

I would also prefer the city with open-minded people to where the majority of people are conservative.

(Not that I'm claiming being conservative is wrong or anything. I just don't think that's the place for me!)

I hear that the state of Queensland is the most conservative in the whole country,

but you can't really see what it is actually like from statistics.

Hmm...I might be worried too much, but if you know the places that "Never-ever-visit" only locals know,

please tell me about it.

Thanks for reading!

Sep 22, 2016 12:09 PM
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I may be biased because this is where I live, but Perth is really great and many international students study here. If you enjoy a really fast-paced city, maybe Sydney or Melbourne are better for you but Perth has the best scenery in my opinion, and Western Australia is so big that north of Perth looks totally different to south of Perth and we have amazing beaches no matter where you are, so wherever you go there's always beautiful landscape. Public transport is quite good here as well. The main difference between here and Melbourne is the weather; Melbourne is very cold and fairly rainy while Perth is very hot in summer but lovely the rest of the year. So it depends on whether you prefer the cold or warmth. Melbourne and Sydney are considered to be more 'cultured' and arty but I think Perth can be too (at least where I live, which is a very arty and "hippie" area). I don't know anything about Brisbane sorry, but the main benefit of living in the eastern cities is that it's easy to travel between them. My sister lives in Canberra and can travel to Sydney and Melbourne for $30 but for me, it costs like $200+ to fly there. I think there's also a larger queer community in Melbourne+Sydney compared to Perth. And I know that Sydney is very expensive to rent.

This was a very long answer but basically, Perth is great for photography and landscape, other cities are good for their proximity to each other. If you want to know anything about Perth (or even Sydney or Melbourne) let me know!

September 22, 2016

Well, I live in Brisbane so here are some pros and cons:

Pros: very, very good weather; subtropical climate; big, but not so big that it's overwhelming; socially, it's very well-connected; the music scene is very healthy; frequent festivals; quite safe.

Cons: it's the only Australian state capital that's not near a beach (we have an artificial beach at Southbank), so you need to travel about an hour or more north/south; yes, it's still more conservative than other states; public transport is overpriced.

In general, Australia is expensive so keep that in mind.

Would any other Aussies care to spruik their city? :)

September 22, 2016

Hello! Christina! Thank you for the comment!

I really, deeply appreciate that you spent all the time and wrote such a long and detailed post for me!

I never really heard anything about Perth until now (Sorry, ashamed of my ignorance) but I knew that the beach there is exceptionally magnificent!

They are the most beautiful beaches in the world, right?

I only thought about living in the big cities, because of the size of the queer community would matter to me.

but now I hear opinions about Perth with so much passionated tones from you,

I might have to consider going to Perth too.

Thanks for your opinions, I'd love to go to Australia to see nice people like you!

September 22, 2016

Thanks for your comment, Peachey!

So detailed and comprehensive!

Oh...I'm sad to hear Brisbane is not near a beach...

I'd have to travel all the way to Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast...right?

I'm happy to know that it's climate is really nice and socially well-connected.

Brisbane is the biggest option for me to live along with Melbourne at the moment, thanks for your opinions!

September 22, 2016
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