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How you learn English?

Please help me.

I decided to learn English again by myself.... My aim is to white whithout problems... and to comunicate of course too. 

Can you share with me your strategy of learning?

For Example - You shoud read 1 article a day, listen 1 song... white all new words...

What internet sourse help you in it?

and if you lazy today... how you motivate youself to do this plan?

Thank you in advance.

Sep 22, 2016 3:26 PM
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darwin society wil help you...

if you need it you will learn...

September 22, 2016

Hey Mariya!

Join us to practice English:

The practice session starts in 2 hours from now. Let's talk then.

September 22, 2016

Hi! Mariya!

Recently I learn English again too!

I learned English for 7 years (Junior High school, High school, University).

But I couldn't even simple conversation..

Completely I was afraid of English as a language. 

However, the past few years, I have watched many American drama.

American TV drama is very interesting and so fun!

Now I learn English to understand  their conversation of drama.

Recently I use a application Duolingo.

for cheking my skil and learning English grammar. 

Do you know  this APP? It's free and useful. 

And I read english books (simplified version). for example Penguin Readers ..

 I wish we both are going well!

September 22, 2016
firstly : i think you meant (write ) instead of (white) ..
me too , i also started again learning English , but this time i use a dictionary ( Longman ) , i try to summarize it . which defines words in English so i read all explanations and examples . that helps me increasing my reading skills as well .
I've been following this way since 3 years , i just study at my free time " not every day at all haha "
in addition chatting with foreign friends is so important " native or non native speakers " no matter
Good luck ^_^
September 22, 2016

Take some grammar book and try to understand it. Then start learning fixed expressions. When it's done, learn at least 100 the most useful phrasal verbs. It is necessary. Make as much listening as you can starting with something simple, then try some News, National Geographic and Discovery channels. Keep listening even if you don't understand. The more you listen,  the more you understand. At first, it could be boring,  but then you will enjoy it. Read books. Jot down new words and expressions.And finally,  when you get really good at all I've just said, try to find a good teacher. 

Good luck with your English,  Mariya.

September 23, 2016
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