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A great rant !!!

Probably this post will cause my exclusion from Italki .... but anyway once started I can?t be stopped . I wrote "rant" on the title .... why ?

I sent many messages to people that would learn italian exchanging their english skill  and in response only silence (when all is ok, sometimes italki seem not working very well : i search for community language exchange and I found professional teachers ... ???? ) 

 But I was talking about silent refusals .... Usually I propose language exchange mainly to women , not because I'm looking for sex or other related things , because of they are more talkative . I know that I am not handsome  and maybe my picture's profile is a problem , but as said before I'm not looking for wife .... I already have one and is enough .

 I was disgusting , well it's not my problem . I still look for a language partner !! Wish me good luck !

P.S. Sorry for my broken english  but you know ....

Sep 23, 2016 5:36 AM
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Michael is right. Don't forget that italki is a community, and you have to take part in the community in order to get the best out of it.

In the real world, you wouldn't move to a new town or a new job, and walk straight up to random strangers saying 'Will you be my friend?' 'Will you be my friend?' would you? Well, it's a bit like that with online communities, too - you need to get yourself known before people will want to spend time with you.

Looking at your profile page, it's clear why you haven't found partners. And it's nothing to do with how good-looking you are! According to your record, you have no community activities, so nobody knows who you are or what you are like.

In order to meet the right people in the community, you need to answer people's questions about Italian, take part in discussions and correct people's writing in Italian. That way, English-speaking people who are studying your language will get to know you. Show people that you friendly, helpful, reliable and willing to share your knowledge of Italian, and you'll be sure to find partners.

September 23, 2016

You could get more involved in these forum activities by asking questions about English, posting texts for feedback, starting more discussions, and helping Italian learners on Notebook and Answers.  You will learn a lot in this process and raise your profile. 

September 23, 2016

Italian is a beautiful language and I have some skill in it and would gladly exchange if I weren't completely absorbed by Japanese. 

I have only been a member a while, but I see that some members who say they are looking for language partners have no activity. So check if they are active members before you send a friend request. Also, if one is an active member and takes part in the community, people notice you.Be careful, though, not everything on the web is what is seems, though I am sure most people are here for good reasons.

Certainly I have not had any trouble in finding Japanese partners, and I don't look like a film star either!

September 23, 2016
Hello, Angelo! Don't waste your time. There are a lot of professional teachers on this site. Only those who motivated(financially) could help you.
September 23, 2016
The problem is not how you look, but unfortunately, the people you message for language exchange have a lot of language partners that time you message them. I face the same problem trying to find Arabic-English language partners. I know a decent " thank you, I have a lot of partners right now. " would be good for you but that doesn't usually happen and I don't know why. By the way, males do that too.
September 23, 2016
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