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Improving 2nd languages What is the best to improve my Engilsh
Sep 23, 2016 10:14 AM
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As well as watching English movies etc, I suggest you use websites that have audio and transcripts available. You can then listen and read the transcripts aloud to practice your pronunciation. For example, you could watch a music video that has lyrics written for you to follow or major news websites that help English language learners.
September 23, 2016

I think the best way to learn a new language is to talk to people who speak it! Also try to watch more shows and films in English and read English texts. Familiarise yourself with the culture and people, and try to communicate with English speakers as much as possible. Hope this helps^^

September 23, 2016
Hey. English videos (documentaries, movies, youtube, just everyday talk) are very precious resource. It helps tremendously to improve your pronounciation, it makes you familiar with many often used structures and words. It gives you patterns that u can build on later. It doesn't even matter how good or bad you are but the more you listen the more confident u get, and more familiar with the sound, or 'vibe' of a language. That's what I think.
September 23, 2016

Well suggestions, thank you all


September 23, 2016
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