Any language - daily/weekly 3 month writing challenge 23/9/2016

I am posting ideas here to help myself and others to write our target language/s. You can choose to write weekly or daily. I will post new images, and ideas on a regular basis, but the ideas below can be used with most images. You can post your italki notebook links here. I suggest you keep the texts short, no more than 150 words, as people are more likely to want to correct the notebooks. You may also get language partners through this.  

1 Pretend that you are a person/character/object/thing in the image and write as if you are them.

2 Write a short summary of what you see in the image.

3 Tell us why you would/wouldn't like to be in the image.

4 Write a letter to a friend telling them something about the image that interests you.

5 Create a dialogue between two people/characters or things in the image.

6 Write a poem based on something you see in the image.

7 Write a sad story based on the image.

8 Write a happy story based on the image.

9 Create an advert/slogan for the image.

10 Write a song based on the image.

Sep 23, 2016 3:50 PM
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My first notebook for the challenge:) In French

September 23, 2016

Here is the first image for the week beg 23 Sept.

September 23, 2016
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