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Karen Arustamyan
Possessive '

Hello everyone

I'm a bit confused.

Could you, please, tell me how to read possessive "S"  correctly:

It's Alex's house

It's Max's boss.

It's my boss's car(???????)

Sep 23, 2016 5:50 PM
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Yeah this is interesting. It's the Saxon genitive. You have punctuated correctly. I always remember it by something like: 'It is max -his car' (Max's car). You get into disagreement when the noun ends in 's': some say 'my Boss' house' and some 'Boss's house' - on the latter matter there is disagreement, though Boss's house sounds better to me in this case, I don't always follow that rule: 'St. James' Park' for example.'  Sorry I've muddled the punctuation marks a bit....
September 23, 2016
Karen Arustamyan
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