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Rachael Leyba
Most Popular Arabic Dialect?

Hello all.  I am currently learning Arabic Modern Standard.  I have been told that most Arabic speakers will understand me but I won't understand most native speakers because they will speak a dialect instead of Arabic Modern Standard.

Is this true? Should I learn a different Arabic?  If so what should I learn? Egyptian Arabic? Syrian Arabic? Jordan Arabic?  

I live in Rochester, MN by the Mayo Clinic.  Arabic speakers from all over the Middle East come to the hospital here.  Learning Arabic has been very hard for me.  I want to focus on the dialect that will be used by the most people who are visiting Rochester.

.  What should I focus on?

Sep 23, 2016 8:59 PM
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if you learn Arabic modern standard by bassing the time you will learn how to speak with differant Arabic people
September 23, 2016
as they told you arabic modern standard will be okay ,,, but if you find difficulty in learning it ,, you can focus on Egyptian language ,, as all middle eastern could understand it very easy it's easer than any arabic dialect  ,,,,,but any other dialect will not all of them can understand you easily ,,,also it will be more than difficult to learn 
October 29, 2016
Learning modern standard English is the best advice as people have said. Yet my favorite dialect is the Moroccan one. BTW, I still remember King Hussein's planes landing in Rochester back in the day!
October 23, 2016
Focus on Arabic modern standard this will make you able to deal with all Arabs from different countries.
October 22, 2016

You should learn Arabic modern standard

Dialects will limit your connection with other nationalities

September 23, 2016
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Rachael Leyba
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