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This session just ended. Here are some sentences we practiced during the session:

[9/23/16, 5:18:36 PM] servicetier: If I were rich, I would go abroad every year.
[9/23/16, 5:19:02 PM] servicetier: If I hadn’t studied English, what language would I have studied?
[9/23/16, 5:20:36 PM] servicetier: If your daughter hadn’t gone to England, where would she have gone?
[9/23/16, 5:22:02 PM] servicetier: Rhetorical questions:
[9/23/16, 5:22:06 PM] servicetier: Who knows?
[9/23/16, 5:26:49 PM] servicetier: connotation = underlying meaning
[9/23/16, 5:28:30 PM] servicetier: I would’ve encouraged him to play soccer.
[9/23/16, 5:31:37 PM] servicetier: The stadium would have been my favorite place, in that case.
[9/23/16, 5:35:35 PM] servicetier: I wouldn’t have been as concerned about his having violated his curfew.
[9/23/16, 5:40:43 PM] servicetier: What would your life have been like if you had been born in Japan?
[9/23/16, 5:42:09 PM] servicetier: It would’ve been the coolest thing ever!
[9/23/16, 5:46:26 PM] servicetier: Would you have been as content?
[9/23/16, 5:49:08 PM] servicetier: Maybe being born in Japan is the best thing that could’ve happened to me.
[9/23/16, 5:56:56 PM] servicetier: Traffic is heavy on days when there are deadlines at work.

Sep 24, 2016 12:06 AM
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