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how to keep an online friendship? i'm learning english. so i was looking for foreign friend. i used some english websites as well as apps. i met many friends there but the matter is we couldn't talk with each other so long, just a couples of days or weeks. in some first days, we talked much, but then less day by day. finally we lost in touch. i tried to find topics to talk about sometimes. but it's still not worth. can you guys tell me how to build a strong friendship?
Sep 24, 2016 8:22 AM
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The key to a good friendship is how you start.
It is almost like making friends in your school or in business. 

This sounds mean and a little manipulative, but you have to be interested in them until they are interested in you.  Don't make a conversation about yourself until they ask you to. 


You: "What are you doing?"

Person: "I am petting me dog." 

You: "Cool! What kind of dog do you have?"

Person: "I have a pug. He is lazy."

You:" I heard that pugs are bred to just sit on your lap all day and sleep."

Person: "That sounds like my pug. :P Do you have a dog?"  (They asked you. Now you can talk about yourself.)

You: "I do not have a dog. I want to get one. How did you prepare for your dog?" (Switch back to them. Most people like to talk about themselves so the person you are talking to will usually talk a lot. After talking a lot, they will feel that the conversation is very friendly.)

If you are interested in the person's life, they will be interested in yours. The person you are talking to will also think that you are very nice.
You can build a more comfortable conversation by asking them questions first. 

September 24, 2016

you can try again, don’t give up ...

September 24, 2016
I think the biggest detriment to online friendships regardless of the nature of the association is dependent upon time zone differentials. Age, gender, occupation and varied interest also come into play.
September 24, 2016

How do you build a strong friendship normally? If you answer that to yourself, you may find out why it doesn't work that well for you online. And I'm serious, it's just not meant to be an empty phrase. For example, I doubt you normally build friendships by actually trying to build them, having to find things to say, manipulating people or expecting you can be friends with everyone. My personal take on this would be that it sort of happens by sharing your personal experiences and that's why it's much harder to do online.

September 24, 2016
You have to fall in love with this person. That's it.
September 24, 2016
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