Polish Poems I like poems and I find that poems can help me with language learning. I am a complete beginner, but if you could post me some videos of short and simple poems that have the words/lyrics that would be very much appreciated. 
Sep 24, 2016 4:23 PM
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my favourite poet of all times is Wislawa Szymborska ( Nobel prize winner), You can easly find her poems translated to Engilsh, so you can compare them to Polish version.

Also, check this video of Wislawa, she was a lovely, funny lady :

Here some of her poems in English -

And my favourite in polish- Cat in an empty apartment -

October 8, 2016

Thanks very much Anita:) This is wonderful. I will have a look at this list and make comments. 

Wonderful :)

October 2, 2016

Hi Gilian! :)
I don't know what kind of poems you like, but I can recommend you a few authors :)

If you would like to learn polish from dytties for children, you can try with Julian Tuwim and Jan Brzechwa. Every child knows them very well ;) On this website you can find many poems for children:

If you prefer serious poems which refer to the need of affirmation of life, existential fear, interpersonal relations and beauty of nature, I can strongly recommend you Edward Stachura ( Many of his poems are known as sung poetry what can help you to learn polish. For example: "Jest już za późno, nie jest za późno" (eng. It is too late, it's not too late),, lyric:

On this website you can find polish poetry: Some of these poems are translated into english. For example:

When it comes to the traditional poetry, I can personally appreciate Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer and Leopold Staff (both of them represent the decadent movement), Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński (Generation of Columbuses) and Julian Tuwim again (one of the most popular poets who composed in interwar Poland).

I hope this will hel you ;)
If you have more questions, don't hestitate!

October 2, 2016
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