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Do you want to practice speaking English on Skype right now?

Hi I'm Andy, a native English speaker from England, I'm not a teacher, there is no charge, this is not a trick. If you want to practice your spoken English, tell me a bit about yourself, your city, your country, anything, then leave a reply (I can only speak to the first person that replies). Be quick, I'm only available for the next hour or so.

It doesn't matter whether you are 18 or 118, male or female, or what your native language is, so long as you are able to basically talk about yourself/your interests/your city/your country, in English.
Sep 24, 2016 7:43 PM
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Thanks for all your replies, I had an interesting conversation with Karl Prieb.
September 24, 2016
Hi Andy! I want speak with you. Im trying to improve my english skills :) Are you available?
September 24, 2016
my name is mahmoud .i am 20 years old .i am from Yemen .i am Arabic language is Arabian .i wanna improve my English skills
September 24, 2016
Hi @Karl Prieb, as you were the first to reply, yes I'm available. Send me a message with your Skype username.
September 24, 2016

Hey Andy!

That's a very interesting offer! I'm 33, from Brazil, and am currently studying to becoming a Brazilian diplomat. I'm totally self taught in English and, even though I think i have achieved a good level,  my spoken skill is weak because I don't have anyone to speak with (except when I'm abroad).

I would be delightful to chat with you whenever you're up to.


September 24, 2016
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