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ted alison
Plenty of friends !!!!!!!!!!!

Do u like have a lot of friends in your friends list(e.g. here on italki ) or u prefer having a few intimate and good friends! 

How about your real life , what do u prefer and what do u like about friends ?

Sep 24, 2016 8:34 PM
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This is my opinion, some people have a wrong concept of Friendship, absolutely having huge numbers of friends in social networks is not equal to you are social or you made great friendship with so many people. less friends but real ones are preferred to so many people with label of friends but being alone in hard situations. 
September 24, 2016
I have rejected many requests on italki, although not all of my friends here are my language partners. When someone sends me a friend request I expect them to at least write a nice message to introduce themselves, or have some activity on the website, preferably also that we have some overlap on our lists of languages. We don't have to be language partners but I do like to know why each person is on my friends list. I added some people who didn't meet this criteria expecting that they would send a message at some point, but then deleted them because we never communicated. So I guess I prefer having few friends.
September 26, 2016

Many online ¨friends¨ are really more like acquaintances. I have quite a few of them but I honestly can not maintain most of them to be real friendships. I generally have a policy of rarely turning down friend requests on online sites.  I have also very occasionally asked to be friends merely to be able to find someone again who made posts I enjoyed, so I can find them easily again,  not with the expectation that we would become important in each other´s lives.

However, with italki I have been starting to wonder about that policy of rarely turning down friend requests, because perhaps when someone makes a friend request here they are expecting to be a true language partner and expecting to spend time together discussing the language.  I have far more friends than I truly have language partners.  The ones I consider language partners are the ones that we have regularly practiced languages together.

In ¨real¨life I have many acquaintances and a few friends.  

So do those of you who prefer fewer online friends frequently reject friendship requests? 

September 25, 2016
Even if I had a long friends list on italki, I couldn't stay in touch with all of them, because I have a lack of time, so for me to have a few persons with whom I talk to from time to time - is better than to have a lots and don't communicate with them. So as in my life - a have many co-workers, but a couple of friends only. 
September 24, 2016

Hi mahmoud , Susan and Katarina , thanks for your comments .

Mahmoud , I hope u could improve your English , maybe you could help someone in Arabic and take help in English and make new freindship!

It sounds there is a simple reality  ; even if u have a huge list of friends  , u have time only for  a few of them .! 

September 26, 2016
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