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Hi. Can you answer your character of  traits are consistent with what says zodiac sign? I can answer that yes.

Here are some examples of features:

1. ARIES - direct, sincere, simple and spontanous.

2. TAURUS - consistent, stubborn, committed and permament feelings.

3. GEMINI-  variable, flexible, clever, brilliant and it is easy to gain knowledge.

4.  CANCER - very strongly attached  to the people, sensitive, with a big imagination and capable of experiencing the deeps feelings.

5. LEO - confident, proud, optimistic and determined.

6. VIRGO - issues of health and care for the body, attentive, critical.

7. LIBRA - elegant, tactful, with good taste and kind.

8. SCORPIO - commitment in everything they do, determined, know what want and relentless.

9. SAGITTARIUS - open to the world, full of enthusiasm, sincere and love to philosophize.

10. CAPRICORN - endowed with common sense, persistent, consistent and they know what want.

11. AQUARIUS - value freedom and individuality, independent, stubborn.

12. PISCES - sensitive, variable, ready to sacrifice and have a reliable intuition.

Sep 25, 2016 6:50 PM
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Hi, I'm Libra and my character contains those traits you've written about. But I'd like to say that our life corrects our personality pretty much. For example, I was quite communicative and freindly in youth, but by time I'm older and having some unpleasant life experience,  to make friends easy  - this is harder to me now. So, we can keep our traits or we can change them..
September 25, 2016
Hi @rose no, I'm not Scorpio but you came very close to that: you're very clever!
September 27, 2016

The answer for Andrea. After reviewing information posted by you  in the profile and participation of the above discussions. I concluded that perhaps one of hobbys is learning foreign languages - wrote many languages you are learning. Taking part in discussions - you  are active person which have own sentence. Summarizing seem to be a strong personality a person who knows what wants, seeks to purpose, can defend its case. Most of these features fit SCORPIO.

September 26, 2016
Hi, yes -- I absolutely do am Gemini: I read a lot of things and have a wide culture and go along with lot of friends; can't you see this? 
September 25, 2016
It is unbelievable !!! My character could be described presicely by those words i see above)) I am AQUARIUS and i am absolutely independent and stubborn  which are not the most desirable features))) . 
March 14, 2017
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