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What do you think about this behavior happened in these day?

Recently , A news was attracted me .Specific event as following :Because of the relevant rules that passengers are not allowed to bring any pets to the bus, so the driver prevented the man who brought  his dog to the bus. However,  neglected the saying of the driver , that man determined to take a seat with his dog on the bus , which brought other passengers complaints and through some quarrel. The man's behavior superised everyone : He knelled   and said that I am soo sorry , my dog is even better than children ...." But this behavior was not be excused by passengers , they still suggestted man to get down the car. Finally , that man kowtowed again and get off the bus

What do you think about the behavior of man and other passengers ? 

Sep 26, 2016 6:38 AM
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Le ^_^
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