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Are your friends mostly your age or different ages?why?
26 sept. 2016 08:28
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i prefer to have older friends because i feel like they understand me more than the others of my age ;)
26 septembre 2016
When I was young, for example in my childhood, adolescence, and in my 20´s, my friends were mostly my age or at least only one or two years different.  Later the ages of my friends started to become more diverse.  Now in my 50´s most of my friends are several years, if not decades, different than me in age. 
29 septembre 2017
I tend not to limit my friendship to any of age, but I prefer to choose friends younger than me because they are often more creative and can give me totally different views of the world even though these thoughts are not very practical or workable. 
28 septembre 2017
different , cause I rarely make friends , before making friends I focus on some properties which is important for me.
26 septembre 2016

I liked mostly different ages friends. 

becuse I can they hear me them of experince

It is nteresting.

26 septembre 2016
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