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Rosangela Senova
A Wonderful app for English, Spanish, Italian and French Learners

One of the best tools that everyone likes to use to learn or improve a language are called "apps". Last week I have found an app that came as a "OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH".

It's called Verb Conjugator (iphone/ipad). I know that there are lot of apps like this, but this one comes with 5 languages and works offline. Unfortunately they didn't add German but who knows through people requests they might add more languages...

Here's the website:
Here's the app:

I haven't found it on Google Play. If you did, share the link with us.

I decided to share it with you guys because everyone knows how hard it is when you have to conjugate a verb, especially when neither the internet nor your dictionary are available to you.

Enjoy it and pass it on all the apps you also find very important!!!

This is for Brazilians:

If you are like me that still apreciate a good dictionary, the brand Michaelis also offers their 6 dictionaries (they work offline, too) with EVERYTHING that you are used to using on your physical one plus the "Nova Ortografia".

Much better so you will always have them to use in college or in your laguange school.

P.S: Before buying it, check on the English dictionary because they have two.

Google Play:

Have fun!!

Sep 26, 2016 8:10 PM
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