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Doctor Isaac
The science of Immersion in Arabic language

When you learn a new language, do you think about your native language? How easy it was for you to pick up your native language? 

When I started learning English as my second language,  a lot of people suggested to listen to English songs and watch American movies. That was for some extent helpful but how much language can you truly learn from these two sources. 

Arabic is a beautiful language and it's not hard to learn as many people think. As every language, it needs practice and immersion! 

What can you do to accomplish that if you are not able to live in an Arabic speaking country?

I am new to this website and I am posting this to start a discussion about one of the services I provide as a teacher on Italki and would like to connect to my fellow Italki users! 

Thank you,


Sep 27, 2016 12:14 AM
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Doctor Isaac,

Welcome to italki.  I think listening to songs and watching movies is somewhat helpful, especially if you know what dialect you want to learn and watch/listen to programs in that dialect.  However, while I was learning MSA; listening to loads of Algerian RIA and watching Egyptian movies kinda put a geem in my fusha so to speak.  I live in a remote area of the U.S. where no native speakers of Arabic live so I am limited as to how I can practice.  Watching tons of live streaming news channels on youtube is one way to increase exposure although channels such as Al-Manar and Al-Jazeera are not always available.  There are an abundance of individuals who are native speakers of Arabic here on italki who are ready to trade Arabic conversation for English conversation as well.  So you have peaked my interest Sir.  Please explain this service you provide and what it can do for Arabic learners. 



September 27, 2016


Thank you! I am very glad you have an interest in learning Arabic and would love to know why you've developed this interest! 

I have taught Arabic specially the Shami dialect for a while and one of the things that I taught my students to do is to surround themselves with the language. Start with your usual places like your house, school and work. Create your own words reference and label your surroundings. I was taught that once I start thinking in a new language, I would have unlocked my brain's capability to utilize this new language. Make an effort to use Arabic in your head whether you are making plans, thinking about your crush or just day dreaming your future life! 

What other things have you been using to practice Arabic? 

Best of luck,


September 27, 2016
Doctor Isaac
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