Learning Article: How to answer the tough questions from your girlfriend? ▌1. Do you love me for my looks or brains?
You must be thinking:
Sometimes, you look like your brain-small, narrow and dumb...what kind of question is this! It is entrapment!
Your answer should be:
Baby, you are good at everything. You kill me with your looks and seduce me with the brilliance of your brains... :)

▌2. Do you like my girlfriends?
You must be thinking:
Oh...Reena is hot...Ria looks cute in pink...and Pooja is sweet...:P
Your answer should be:
Don't say No because No means..."you mean I don't have good friends". Don't say Yes because Yes means..."Now you like them more than me". Just play safe and say, "All are good but you are the best...I love you"..;)

▌3. Why do you like me?
You must be thinking:
Your answer should be:
Don't say everything. Smile and just say...because you are "you"…simple yet unique...:)

▌4. Do you love me more now or when you proposed to me?
You must be thinking:
Every time you ask such questions, I feel like questioning myself ...why did I propose to you..?????
Your answer should be:
Relax...take a deep breath and say..."my love for you has never remained has increased much more since the day I proposed to you…" and hug her…(Phew moment...)

▌5. Do you notice anything different?
You must be thinking: is a new tricky "different” question...please not again…
Your answer should be:
If you find it difficult to search that X-factor...don't try hard...act simple with some twist…Just say..."yesterday you were looking cute and pretty and today you are looking hot and ravishing ...ok ok...Tell me baby what's that different exciting thing...." with some extra interest and keen curiosity.

▌6. Do I look fat, in this dress?
A classic. The answer is a reflex "NO".
Don't pause.
Don't stutter.
Don't hesitate.
Even if she looks like a donut with cream on top in that yellow dress;

▌7. Do you REALLY love me?
Um, yeah.
You'd think this is enough, right?
<Buzzer> WRONG!
You have to tell her why, when, where, how, in what shape, in what form, the temperature, the color and all the other details. Anything less than that is unacceptable.

▌8. Why is <xyz> liking/commenting/upvoting your stuff?
Wrong answer - Because she (it's always a she) likes it probably.
Wrong answer - We are friends.
Wrong answer - We used to be friends.
Wrong answer - I know her from primary school.
Wrong answer - She has a boyfriend!
Right answer - I don't know. She is a bitch.

▌9. What are you looking at?
Step 1. Was there a girl in the general direction you were staring?
(general direction is defined at anywhere within a radius of 50 m from where you are located)
Step 2. If the answer is yes, say NOTHING!
Step 3. If the answer is no, say NOTHING!
Step 4. It doesn't matter you're screwed anyway.
Sep 28, 2016 12:42 AM
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