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something I don't understand What do you think of "black children"? In China, "black children" means who are born in violation of China's one-child policy! Anyway, I don't know! As a Chinese, how shame I am. So, I have a question, what is your attitude about culture?
Sep 28, 2016 9:02 AM
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I cannot perceive that is a matter of culture. It is more like an issue of politics though for me. 
September 29, 2016
I agree, over population is a serious concern not just for China but the whole world
October 3, 2016
yeah, you are lucky,if you were in china,you will be...haha
October 3, 2016
i dont agree with this policy. like i want to have 4 children. luckyly i am not in china hahahaha
October 3, 2016

is not only a chinese custum...

there are these theories since the ancient gnosticism...(that came to the east... is not something belong western... Rudolf Steiner studied all the question..  )

all these exoteric practice (moon rituals) and religions was mixed with scientific eugenethic theories, social engeneering studies...expecially after malthus and darwin... (malthus, darwin , club of rome)...

and montains of money for experimenting it in the world...

(all these things.. they usually don't try it at home... they go in other countries with montain of money... 

take Chile of Pinochet... Chile was a creature of the amercian chicago boys schoolars and nobel prize milton friedman... it was the first experiment of shock econony you see now in all the world.... banker can do now things was punished with the instant gallow only 30 years ago... first regan then clinton destroied the glass steagal act not allowed banker to put the world again in the 1929 condition.. )

September 28, 2016
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