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Why the Spanish people have a lot  difficults for learn english?  Maybe we  have afraid  to make mistakes, in other countries the people  dare to talk in other languages without problems.  I think It  is a problem of culture, In Spain 15 years ago, We don´t think that we will need enlgish for our work, and for travel.  In Spain 15 years ago we didn´t to go abroad for work, but the times change, then now everybody need english. The public education has always been limited to theory, In the school never have never spoken in english, and If you don´t talk one language, hardly you will learn the language. Other of the problems is tv, We  never have seen the movies or series in the original version, and if you don´t listen the lenguage, You never will learn english! then, what is the best way to learn a language??

If one person want to help me, I'll be happy to teach Spanish in exchange for learning English

Sep 28, 2016 6:52 PM
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One of the big problems that Spaniards currently have is that due to the economic situation in Spain jobs are hard to find and 'how many languages do you speak?' seems to have become part of the selection process in any job interview whether or not it's necessary to speak various languages to do the job. This is placing an enormous amount of pressure on them to learn English, and in some cases a third or fourth language.

Many Spaniards have told me that the language classes in the schools in Spain are not fit for purpose (I don't think the situation here in the UK is much better).

I learn Spanish as a hobby, I've never 'studied' the grammar, never done an exercise, never learnt lists of vocabulary, yet little by little I improve week by week, month by month, by listening to the language and speaking it with native speakers.

Relax, take an interest in an English speaking country, be it the UK, the US, Australia, or any other. Look forward each day to spending some time listening, to or reading or speaking the language, have fun learning.

September 29, 2016

Same in Korea !

September 29, 2016

hi, Im spanish speaker and for me the best option was songs and movies.. maybe reading books but sometimes is kind of difficult is you are just starting..and if you are in spain go to england! there you must to talk in english if not you are lost ..

hope i could help you

September 28, 2016

it depends on each person, I want to learn English, I learned watching movies and especially chat, I need to learn the speaks, if you are interested send me a message.

quiero aprender mejor! jaja

September 28, 2016
Pues si es raro hablar ingles entre españoles, pero tambien es buena idea! :)
September 28, 2016
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