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发,端,于 Trying to understand a sentence


我明白这个句子但是我不明白 发,端和于:


Does it mean something like 

Also, from interpreting history, we know Japan's development is in fact mostly due to Western medicine (or Western medical science).

I might have the first part wrong but basically my question is what does 发端于 mean here?

I'm guessing 发 means development or expansion but the othert I don't know.

Sep 29, 2016 9:36 AM
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发端于means origin from !
October 11, 2016

William from China

发展 means develop, but 发 alone has many meanings

Here 发 means 发生,出现,in English, appear or come up.

端 means one of the ends of something, like a chopstick.  the abstract meaning is the beginning of something

In fact, 发端 is one term, or phrase,you may call it. 

发端 here means start 

于 means from 

so 发端于 means start from.

Hope it helps

September 29, 2016

Thanks William!

I'm trying to read more in Chinese but often two character words are shortened so it's difficult because dictionaries don't really help much for this kind or problem! I really appreciate your help!

September 29, 2016
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