Is my translation right?I know somewhere isn't correct,please help me! :) Thx <p>
The topic of my speech today is proposition for cultivation of imagination.</p><p>Then,in that case,from what meaning,and how I use the word,"imagination"?Here's the definition:the ability to create pictures in your mind or to describe something which isn't in front of your face to yourself or others.It means like that when I use the word in the following speaking.Keeping up with this thoughts,I think I can make myself clear.What is the thing that isn't in front of you?For example,the history,which is all about the past.In a certain sense,the history doesn't exist in your mind--which means,you can't see the past stuffs.However,learning history can get you a ability of fortification of understanding the things.Hence,I'd like to recommond the history class,which is the most worthy learning class,to all of you.</p>
2016년 9월 29일 오전 10:54
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