English writing <p>Hello to everyone!</p><p>I'm new here and i'm trying to learn english. </p><p>Every day I watch tv series and sometimes I read english books. I can understand people that talk in english but I'm not good to write in english. Can someone,please,help me? How can I learn to write in english? </p><p>
Sep 29, 2016 5:14 PM
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Hi! Can you think in English alredy? Do you practice it? I mean, to start thinking in language - very important. Then - you need to read more. You don't need any difficult literature, just books for your level of English. When I watched movies and videos, and lessons, I could understand almost everything, but I coudn't talk about simple topics, I was shy and forgot words. But now I try to write a short text every day - just my thoughts, about my day, about everything at home -  and now I feel more confident. I am brave enough for speaking now!)))
September 29, 2016
<p>Hi Carla... i think I have some suggestions. Although it's for Chinese English competition test... I think it can help you.. </p><p>usually...some connecting words are necessary, and it's vital to using some figure of speech, which will make your essay look native</p><p>And figure of speech including simile metaphor  personification etc</p><p>Btw, I can't emphasize the importance of using some clauses:)</p><p>So I hope it could help you... and shall we be friends?:)</p>
October 4, 2016
Could you mention your current speaking level, since both speaking and writing are productive skills. Also, both reading and listening are receptive skills. Your productive skills need much practice, reading for writing, and listening for speaking. Actually, writing skills are so important in formal English, and for your study/work. You need a systematic approach to improve your writing. Firstly, read more and more several material, and preferably the materials which you are interested in. Secondly, try to summarize every essay, or paragraph you just read. Thirdly, Pick up the important vocabulary to keep in mind. Finally, write an essay for every day using the correct structure, and a different topic for each essay. Hopefully, this technique helps you with your purpose.

October 4, 2016
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