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People from different country express greeting in different ways.
Like bowing ,shaking hands and others... What's yours?

Oct 2, 2016 11:02 AM
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smile ; hugging each other ;shakings hand 
we say 
صباح الخير , صباح النور , = good morning 
اهلا و سهلا , مرحبا , = welcome ; hello 

السلام عليكم = peace be upon you 

يوم سعيد (just for the mening but in arabic we say it in different way with our different arabic current languages ) like in Tunisia we say نهارك طيب ..
تصبح على خير : good night 

generally we use Douaa (pray) between each other as greeting too like God bless you ; .. etc  

October 2, 2016


In Spain, are typical this greetings, as well:

- Shaking hands, in the first meeting beween males and two kisses beween men & women (one in each cheek). And a hug between young people.

See you,

Jose (Canary Island- Spain) 

October 2, 2016
In Argentina, we kiss on the cheek once (a woman and a man, two women or two men)
October 2, 2016
Alan's story is funny. One more reason to learn more about traditions and habits of the country where you are travelling to) I heard also that in some countries tossing head up and down means Yes and somewhere on the contrary means No. Sometimes it is fantastically easy to get into ridiculous situation)
October 8, 2016
@Alan, the "West" isn't culturally homogeneous on this issue. Certainly in Italy, and I think also in other parts of southern Europe, the palm-down gesture is used to mean "come here".
October 3, 2016
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