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Alla fine il direttore le chiede... her or them?

I found a sentence in an article:  Alla fine il direttore le chiede...

What does the Pronoun "le" mean in this sentence?   her or them?   

From the context I know it's the director asks l'impiegata, so I think "la" should be used, but why “le”?


Oct 2, 2016 2:35 PM
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"la" is a pronoun that works as a direct object, for example "La conosco" means "I know her" (it specifies the object of the verb "conoscere", who he knows) while "le" is an indirect object that means "to her" (it has nothing to do with "le" that means "them", it's only spelled in the same way).

In this sentence "le" doesn't refer to what he is asking (the question)  but to who he is asking to (l'impiegata). 

October 2, 2016
Well explained, thank you, Greta!
October 3, 2016
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