Absence and Return

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I just felt the need to post a brief explanation of my disappearance from italki!

Although I was only here occasionally, I really enjoyed my experience here. I looked forward to every conversation I had, and every lesson I scheduled. I loved speaking to new people from around the world! It had been years since I had been in such a versatile community.

Recently, though, I had experienced some hardships. I ended up homeless for about a week, and after that, was trying to settle down in my new home. I moved in with my cousins, now. They actually enjoy languages, like I do! So, it's really exciting. It's much nicer here than it was at my last place!

The reason I ended up homeless is that I moved in with a friend, but they didn't warn the property owner that I was moving in. I was not aware of this, and was kicked out. I didn't have the money to return home. So, I ended up in a homeless shelter. Now, I'm living with my cousins! It's really exciting, because they love foreign languages like I do.

Due to having a safe place to live again, I can start teaching here again! I haven't started yet, but I was even hired on to a company to teach English professionally! It's really a great opportunity. However, I enjoyed teaching here as well. So, I will likely continue to do so. However, once I start, my schedule will be a bit more restricted again. 

Now for the discussion portion of this;

How long have you been on italki?

Have you taken any breaks?

If so, why?

Also, why did you return?

Oct 3, 2016 5:30 PM
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