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Daily speaking challenge

For everyone who may be interested:

I created a daily speaking challenge on my blog: https://nerozumiemblog.wordpress.com/dsc-daily-speaking-challenge/daily-speaking-challenge/

So the rule is simple. Have at least 3 minutes per day that you speak your target language. I descriebed some methods to do so on the site. Feel free to join in and tell me, if you have any further ideas! 

Happy chatting to you all!

Oct 3, 2016 6:55 PM
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Thank you again Katka! I am doing the "3 minute-text" (pictogram) every day now and I am really enjoying it. What I like most, I can walk around the apartment (or do the dishes :) while I am talking. Great idea!
October 8, 2016

Hi all! Great you like the idea!

@Sina: So great you tried it!!!!!
You are right, Maybe these ideas make things easier: 
First: try to slow down your spead when speaking. 
Second: try to see the pictogram as a starter. You may talk about the web, the spider that builds it and the little beatle that gets stuck in there. You might also talk about the area, in which the web can be found, or how you got angry, because it hit your head. Or maybe your web is part of an old house, in which a witch lives? 
Third: Practise makes things easier. I promise! :)

@Sudeep: If you find any site, please let me know. Right now I just try to get the best out of the sources I already have...

October 4, 2016

Thank you Katka and Gillian for all the great ideas!

I have tried the pictogram one today. Oooh, it is hard to speak 3 minutes about a spider web (even in my mother tongue) :D

October 4, 2016

I`m so happy to hear that you all enjoy the challenge! I will get a new set of pictograms started next month so you have plenty to choose from! :)

And you are totally right: You can do this everywhere! I never thought about this cool factor. 

October 8, 2016

You are right - trying new things from times to times helps a lot staying motivated! 
Yesterday i came across some old games I used to play as a child and thought about modifying them for my language-learning-process. I`m already excited to do so! :)

And I`m trying some "3 minute-text" tonight as well- :)

October 6, 2016
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