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Typical Italian Wedding Food

Just curious for northern and southern Italy.  What to people usually do for food menu when it comes to weddings?

Oct 6, 2016 1:04 PM
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Hi Nikki,

On saturday I was to friend's wedding and I can confirm all of that was said by Nora and Beatrice.

I can only add that this wedding is started at the 16.00 o'clock P.M. and finished "overall"at 02.00 o'clock A.M.

You have to Know I come from Naples and in the southern of Italy, the wedding has a beginning (half morning or half afternoon) but it finishs always late

I hope to teach you how it works

October 12, 2016

Nora's answer is pretty exhaustive, but pls let me just add an extra piece of info to that.

The basic choice a couple would face when putting together their wedding menu would be (esp. in the South of Italy) between a "menù di mare" and a "menù di terra". The first is basically a combination of fish-based recipes, while the latter is a menu based on meat and agricultural products (i.e. mushrooms etc.). Sometimes restaurants can offer you a special "mixed menu", which is a nice combination of the two options. 

And don't forget "confetti"! No Italian wedding would be complete without these small sugar & almonds-based sweets! Here's a little piece of writing (in English) about "confetti":

October 6, 2016

Italians eat a lot in special occasions like weddings. :)

First of all they  start with appetizers like varios types of ham, cheese, bruscettas (bread with oliven oil and tomatoes) slices of pizzas, mussels with tomato sauce ecc.

After they have first courses, which mean "pastas" or "risottos" (rice). They prepare pasta in several cooking method for example with ragu (meat) cheese and ham, fish and vegetables. They prefer seasonal ingredients as well. Risottos are made of a special type of rice and another ingredients. (meat, fish, vegetables, cheese)

Second courses are simply. A slice of grilled meat or fish with garnish. Potatoes, salads.

Traditionally they drink red or white wine or "prosecco" white wine with gas.

After finishing second courses they eat cakes, fruits and cheese. Naturally each italian takes coffee after eating.

Sorry for my english but I speak perfectly only in hungarian and italian.

October 6, 2016

You have absolutly right Beatrice! :) Unfortunatly my english knowledge isn't enough for such complex discussion...;(

October 6, 2016

I remember best weeding i saw...

we were in a castle... all for the wedding people...

4/5 hours of music..

under the light of the moon...

I can imagine how mutch money they payed...

people very rich...

now... i was there for work...

but i remeber it because was something incredibile...

a sort of dream...

October 6, 2016
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