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a new ending of the story Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck - help me to fix it

I am have a homework that write another ending of the story Chrysanthemums but I am not a good writer. can you help me to check it grammar and the content of this ending, is it ok. thank you so much

        Even Elisa turned away from him but he still feels that she is crying, her voice choked with emotion. This is the first time he sees her tears after they get marriage and he realized that he forgot that Elisa is his wife and she is a woman. He reminisces about what he said this afternoon, the coarse words he uses to compliment her. During the dinner, he keeps looking at her, he sees that she had changed a lot after marriage, she uses to a beautiful girl that every man in Salinas Valley want but now is different, she is thirty-five , she is no longer a  sixteen girl which innocent and carefree. He tosses and turns all night to think about her, what did she get when to get marriage with him, what does she like, what does she want. He regarded her closely while she sleep and he knew that he forgot anything about her. He get up and go outside, suddenly he saw chrysanthemums.<o:p></o:p>

          Next morning, Elisa wake up, she did not see Henry but she does not care about that, she keeps doing mediocre works that she often does. Until she go out to the garden and she saw Henry are making a new small garden next to his orchard, just saw me, he shouted :” hey babe, are you sleep well?” . Elisa very surprise of his behavior, he never says that to her, “ is something happening to him: she thought.  Henry looks at her and he knows what is she thinking, “ do not just stand like that, come here and give me a hand, what can I do with that seed?”. For a moment, the image of mending man occurs to her mind but then she dismissed it so quickly because the person is standing in front of her is Henry and the thing he is doing can not be a trickery. Elisa still do not know what is happen  but she seem to do not need  to know the reason of Henry’s behaviors, she just knows that Henry is also like chrysanthemums like her and her happy because of that. <o:p></o:p>

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