Online and Offline Love

Now a days, online love or dating or even online physical relationship (in imagination, lol) is very much common. There are two part of it, one is 100% fake. Lets talk about it first. some people just open various accounts in various sites and apps only to have an imaginary relationship. They don't want it in real but they just want to have fun time so they try hard to have online relationship. For them its safe, if they are married or have Bf/gf still they can do it freely, because its online and it has very less chance to get caught. If the partner asks, what are you doing, oh I am working online. that's it. Now even in online fake relationship there is one benefit, both knows it can be fake and both still spending time together, so less chance to get hurt. But if the same thing happen in real life, and if your partner knows you are having affair, mostly the result after that goes very wrong. they all suffer physically and mentally. sometime it worse than that. But fake is fake, and its a sin, crime. if its online or offline.  So if we are truthful and honest we need to prove it to ourselves to everywhere. If i lie to someone, may be no one able to know that, but my heart knows, and God knows. So if its online and offline everywhere we need to be truthful. and if we are truthful only then any relationship will be the best relationship. Now come to the second part. Online true love. Wow, its an amazing thing.. Truly. It is more , and i literally mean, it is more beautiful and true than the offline love. why ? most of the people would say no no no no. it is not like that, i can say it is. How? usually, an offline relationship or love start by seeing each other, it means most of the time(80% time) we like someone because of their look or style. but in online we like someone because of their inner side, sometime we don't see them , but we talk with them, share things and an attachment grows, slowly it becomes love. and its beautiful thing. usually in online relation a couple doesn't care about their looks, they care about them, they don't love them only for appearances. Online relation is very hard, but if its true then its the best one. Offline relation is easy but mostly fake. and its true, mostly fake. Because mostly a offline relationship start with a desire. sometime when the desire fills up then its time to break up. People says, long distance relationship is very hard to keep, yes it is, but when you just want sex, dating, partying with your love one, then long distance relationship is of course hard for you. But love is not for sex, or dating, love is understanding, sacrificing, being honest and waiting to being together. so when you are far away from your love one, but still you being honest to him/her, then its call real love. You are far away, you can do anything with others, but you are not doing, that is real love. But long distance relationship must have a goal, the ultimate goal is to be together forever. Without goal online offline any relationship is not a relationship, its just a business, take profit, when it loss just leave. so if its online or offline, the relationship goal should be one, its being together physically and mentally forever. it is the ultimate success. True love is hard to find these days, only desire is in everywhere, but when you get true love, if its online or offline, if you get it, go for it. But don't just fall, don't make love fall on you, or you fall in love, we have two legs,so stand, don't fall, think, use brain and then if you think your partner actually love you truly then only let your emotion carry you. online or offline, both are real. Just we need to be honest, faithful and truthful, if we can be like this to ourselves and to god then we can easily be honest and trustworthy to our loves ones. Don't break heart, life is short, smile, love your partner more than anything, remember devil will try to take you out from a true love, don't listen to him, he just want we get hurt. So don't break up until its too extreme. Be happy, live happy, Love for all. Love you all. 

Oct 7, 2016 3:56 AM
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Wow!! Actually I have something to say about this topic, we could talk about it when you contact me, ok?
November 8, 2016
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