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Congratulations to Colombia... Felicitaciones a Colombia

I wish to offer my congratulations to the people of Colombia and to your President Juan Manuel Santos for being awarded the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize...

A great honour for your country.

Oct 7, 2016 2:37 PM
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My point exactly :')

It was given to some of the nastiest war criminals before!

With all my respect to president Juan Manuel Santos because I don't know much

about him and I don't mean him. I stopped watching news long time ago. Though

I doubt that this prize should be given to a politician, since politics is a dirty game.

If they still insist on giving it to a politician, I would say that José Mujica, the 40th

president of Uruguay deserves one for not stealing, which is a rare thing these days ;)

October 7, 2016


I believe in all the Nobel Prizes in the sciences, e.g., physics, chemistry, medicine, etc.

The Peace Prize is always a little more political and less objective than the science prizes.

Nonetheless, I believe that it is always good for the world to celebrate, or at least acknowledge anyone who works to establish a greater degree of peace in the world.

Every good deed, every good effort, every good word, regardless of how minor it may be, may lead us to a better world... inshallah... god willing...

October 7, 2016
Richard, do you really believe in Nobel Peace Prize?
October 7, 2016

And also Richard, let´s not forget the mayority of the people in Colombia voted against the peace treaty, so it seems this was just a pyrrhic victory for Santos. Maybe a Nobel Prize for him comes a little in a hurry :P And I agree with Mumtaz that José Mújica maybe was more deserving of such an acknowledgement :) There are many questions all around on this referéndum now as all the questions we still have about Brexit. The Colombian government was so sure they would win but all they got was a reversal of fortune!

October 8, 2016

I don't know what kind of schedule the Nobel committee works on, but it seems to me that they awarded the prize prematurely. The accord would have been an historic achievement if it had passed, but it didn't. I have two Colombian language partners, and neither of them liked the peace accord. One of them said, before the vote, "nobody believes Santos' fairy tale that it will actually lead to peace." 

At the moment it does not appear that Santos has succeeded, and I don't think they should be giving the Nobel prize for "nice try."

It's not my country, not my politics (and I'm not even sure I understand United States politics!) so I don't know. 

I wish Colombia the best and hope that the accord, even though it failed, and the prize for Santos, mean that Colombia is still on some kind of path or process that will lead to peace. 49.78% to 50.21% is a pretty close vote, and I can hope that something can still be done.

October 8, 2016
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