Is jealousy good for a deep relationship? Hello guys! I and my girlfriend are both in our early twenties. We've hitted it off for over 3 months, everything is fine except my jealousy. Every time she tell me about her male friends especially her ex-boyfriend, I feel unsettled but I don't show it to her. Her ex-boyfriend is the leader of her studying group so they meet each other frequently. I worry about this every moment I am free. I really want to trust my girlfriend, but I cannot stop being jealous. I'm afraid of losing her too much and have no idea what I can do to keep her with me. Any suggestions?
Oct 8, 2016 2:10 AM
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Thank you all, my friends! I will tell her how I feel. I hope she would be my true love =)
October 8, 2016


October 8, 2016

1.  If you are really jealous, you are (or will be) making both of you miserable.  If that is the case, the relationship will probably end anyway (unless both of you enjoy misery).

2.  If you have deemed her trustworthy, then trust her.  If she is not, then maybe it is best to let her go before you become more miserable and allow that misery to overflow onto her.

3.  If you aren't sure if she is trustworthy, then decide to trust her.  At some point, if she is not, it will become clear and you can decide what to do then.

4.  Find a way to make a decision and enjoy your life.  If you enjoy life and are a pleasure to be around, she will probably find herself wanting to stick closer to you.  On the other hand, it is hard to be around someone who is miserable all of the time.

5.  If the above doesn't work, you may have some unresolved issues from the past that need to be addressed before you can be at peace.

Hope this was helpful!

October 8, 2016

Without trust relationships tend to end and are not fun to be in.

Talk to her honestly about it and let her know how you feel.

In a relationship there are times you do need to work on things, compromise within reason and always communicate.

End of the day it is your feelings, your doubts and insecurities which you need to overcome and feel more confident about who you are.

Remember she has chosen to spend her precious time with you, you cannot be that bad right? =) So don't worry about others, just what you are to her. 

Early 20's you should be loving life, working hard and working out who you are not adding extra worries into your life.

October 8, 2016
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