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Whoever doesn't know how to read Korean... Post here. Those of you who dont know how to read Korean, well I am offering to teach you on certain days of the week, if u like~. You must have msn or skype (<- i never used skype before, but i will learn~!). Although im not korean, i can be able to teach you because I have taken a really tough korean course in university. Leave a post with your msn/skype address and we'll come up with a date to have a learning session! ( most likely on a weekend)
Apr 16, 2008 7:11 PM
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gg...'좀 있다가 msn에서 다시 수다 떨기로 하고 여기서는 안녕.' 그런 뜻이군요. 친절한 설명 고마워요.
May 5, 2008
'bye for now' is a simple bye but it implies i will talk/speak to you again. so For this moment, bye.
April 26, 2008
What does 'bye for now' mean? 이제는 안녕?
April 25, 2008
oh ok,, ive added xiang and eva to msn. I will continue to talk to u from there ~~ bye for now
April 24, 2008
Hi, thanbks in advanced for your help. My skype id is eva364 and my msn is and again thanks
April 23, 2008
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